"Eniko, thank you so so much for an amazing evening of delicious food. I cannot recommend you highly enough.
You topped off such an important and special day, and made it even better for mine and Amber’s engagement.
We loved every dish, every bite and loved that it was all in the comfort of our home. We also loved the process, you were a pleasure to have in our home and we really enjoyed listening to your journey and how passionate you are about your food.
I have told all my friends and family about you and I genuinely hope this venture works out for you because you’re an amazing chef and I hope we can have you round again in the future to cook for some of our friends when we come out of lockdown.
Lastly just from a service point of you, thank you for making it so easy for me. Booking anything on the day you get engaged is a tough decision but your constant communication, you taking the time to FaceTime me to see the kitchen and discuss the courses made it an easy decision. I also appreciate you being completely Covid19 safe considering the times."

"Chef to Home was a great experience; it was comfortable, casual yet very special. The food was excellent, easily the best tortellini we have ever had and the cauliflower dish was spectacular. Dessert, well… you know. It was very nice to chat with Enikő about food, wine and her experience cooking in world class restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening."
Zsuzsa & Peter