About me

Planting, harvesting and preserving was part of my childhood. I grew up in Hungary, in a village about 35 miles away from Budapest. My professional career started in 2008, as a chef in Budapest, where my dream was to work in Michelin starred restaurants. To make my dream happen, in:

  • 2010– I moved to Bray, England and started working for the Hinds Head (a pub next to the iconic Fat Duck owned by Heston Blumenthal)
    • 2012– The Hinds Head restaurant received its’ Michelin star
  • 2013 – I moved to London and worked for the 2 Michelin starred Square Restaurant – by Philip Howard, gaining valuable experience

Over the years I staged (i.e. free work in exchange for knowledge and experience) at:

Most recently, I worked under the guidance of Mikael Jonsson– Hedone and Marcus Eaves– Oblix.

My idea of food is something spontaneous, cohesive, something with a kind of natural positive vitality. Cooking is my passion, my hobby, and gives me great enjoyment. I would love to be your private chef.

Eniko Fejer